Oh 2019… I will truly love you forever. You were the source of some of our greatest happinesses: our wedding, epic travels, the purchase of our new home, the rebranding of our business, and so many other amazing moments. You also brought your fair share of struggles mixed with a few tragedies, but ultimately, there is no hardship I couldn’t face as long as I had my family and friends.

This year we photographed:

  • 24 Weddings
  • 73 Portrait Sessions
  • 24 Events
  • 4 Styled Wedding Shoots

We were published in:

Every year I put together my favorite images from all of our 2019 weddings and portraits. Check out the video below!

My biggest takeaway of 2019: as a newlywed, I can now say more than ever that I believe in what I do. Despite several things not going our way (being rained out and having to move our ceremony inside), I can unequivocally say that my wedding was the absolute best day of my life. I’m honestly not sure if anything will ever be able to touch the pure joy I felt that day and I would give anything to relive it. The closest I can get to experiencing those feelings again is through my gorgeous wedding photos and video (thank you Norina Kaye and Pure Light Creative!). Whether you have a large, traditional wedding or intimate elopement, the experience of planning a wedding and then walking down the aisle towards the rest of your life… well, it will change you forever and in the best way. Those memories will last a lifetime.

Thank you so, so much for your generosity, love and support throughout 2019 and Happy New Year! (And yes, I’m gonna milk these wedding photos as long as I possibly can, haha.) Look out 2020, here we come!

Happy New Year! Kristen Marie Weddings + Portraits


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